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Pinckneyville Community Hospital Sets Move-In Date

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Pinckneyville Community Hospital reached an important milestone on July 30 when we were issued our Letter of Occupancy from Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). Pinckneyville Community Hospital has set the official opening of our NEW 17-bed facility for Monday, September 28!

“Having received the official approval from the Illinois Department of Public Health to occupy the new hospital was a major step in the official move to the new hospital as everything “keyed” off this date,” reports Randy Dauby, Administrator/CEO. However, before an official patient move date could be decided, other notifications and final arrangements for moving major equipment had to be determined.

“Moving a hospital operation is not like moving an average business that can just shut down operations, move and restart operations in a day or so,” states Dauby. “As a healthcare entity, we strive to deliver excellent care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

“There is major equipment such as in Imaging and Lab that will need to be moved by outside vendors due to the complexity and precision such equipment requires in order to operate properly,” says Dauby, “many of these vendors require 4-8 weeks notification lead times in order to arrange their schedules. Once the equipment is set up, the equipment then has to be tested to ensure the equipment is providing accurate and quality results.”

There are many other behind the scene requirements that many people do not see, such as notifying Medicare of the change of address for their approval to move the hospital as well as the Family Medical Center; notifying the Health Facilities Planning Board; notifying the Department of Transportation to change the Blue Hospital road signs and much more.

“While everything hinged on getting the occupancy letter from the State, there are factors that have resulted in the final move date of Monday, September 28,” states Dauby. “It is important that we take our time and do it right, as want this transition to go as smooth as possible for our patients.”

If you have any questions as to what this move means for you, please do note hesitate to contact Dauby directly at 357-5901.