Imaging Technologist


Imaging Technologist


Position Details


Status: PRN

Shift:  Weekday shifts are 8 or 10 hours, weekend shifts are 12 hours, and holiday shifts are 8 or 12 hours.  Ideal candidate would also be able to pick up other shifts on an as needed basis.



  • State of Illinois IEMA Active Accreditation - Radiography required
  • ARRT Certified Registered Technologist (R) Radiography required
  • ARRT Certified Registered Technologist (CT) Computed Tomography preferred.
  • CPR Certification
  • 1-2 years of healthcare experience preferred

Position Purpose:  Provides technical skills involving radiology and fluoroscopy; takes and develops radiographs of various parts of the body to assist physicians in the detection of foreign bodies and diagnosis of disease or injury.  Performs a variety of imaging procedures and is responsible for patient safety.


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