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COVID-19 Information



PCH Visitor Restrictions




 Two (2) visitors are allowed on Acute Care Unit unless patient meets the following criteria:

  • Pediatric patient may have both parents or a designated individual.
  • Patients who have a disability, confusion, or dementia may have a relative or approved designated person in the room 24/7, if required.
  • Accommodations will be made for families during End of Life Care.

Children (visitors) under the age of 18 years old will not be allowed.




Patients presenting to the Emergency Department, Lab, Imaging, Respiratory Therapy, Specialty Clinic, Surgery, Oncology, Infusion Therapy, and The Wellness Center (Therapies – physical, occupational, speech) shall be allowed two (2) visitors.


Family Medical Center patients may have two (2) visitors per patient. 


Our first priority is the safety and well-being of the patients we serve, who can be the most vulnerable to acquiring this virus.


We realize and understand the importance of support and encouragement from family and friends during the healing process; you are encouraged to reach out to your loved ones via phone, Skype, FaceTime, etc.  Pinckneyville Community Hospital has tools and resources in place to help you stay connected with your loved ones, as well as to keep you informed during these visitor restrictions.


Please feel free to contact the nurse's station at 618-357-5929, for updates on your loved ones.



Pinckneyville Community Hospital COVID-19 Hotline

The 24-hour PCH COVID-19 hotline at 618-357-5915 continues to take calls from individuals with questions or concerns about potential illness or exposure. Clinicians provide the latest information and can guide each caller through the screening criteria to determine if the caller needs additional evaluation and potential testing.

Drive-Thru Testing Clinic

We have drive-thru testing now available. This testing is only for patients who have been screened and have been determined to need testing. This is not for mass public testing. We want to help in a way that is safe for all with the first step being a call to the hotline at 618-357-5915 to determine if they should receive further evaluation and meet the criteria for testing. Please understand this drive-thru option is NOT for the general public. It is in place only for those who have an order through our 24-hour hotline.


The Family Medical Center is now offering TeleHealth visits. Whether you are sheltering in place, staying at home or practicing social distance, you can still see and speak to your physician. You can visit via video chat using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Call today to schedule a visit. We want to emphasize we will not close our clinic, just providing an alternative to a traditional visit.