Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist


Pinckneyville Community Hospital's Nurse Practitioner Hospitalists are:


  • Miles Priebe, FNP-BC
  • Leah Hopp, NP-C


A Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist is a Family Nurse Practitioner, whose practice is dedicated exclusively to providing care to patients while they are in the hospital. This means that the hospitalist can focus all of his or her attention on the patients who are hospitalized and be more readily available to these patients than a doctor who spends much of their time in an office setting.

How does the Hospitalist work with my doctor?

The purpose of the Hospitalist program at Pinckneyville Community Hospital is to provide patients with increased access to provider care during their hospitalization. The hospitalist will round Monday through Friday with Dr. Fozard, Dr. Reyes and Dr. Forbes, and will be available during the day to monitor progress and overall care.

Your own physician knows you best. Hospitalists do not replace your primary care provider; they work with your primary care provider in order to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and treatment when they are in our hospital. The providers are in constant communication with one another and encourage patients to follow-up with their primary care provider after discharge from the hospital.

If you are a patient of the Family Medical Center at Pinckneyville Community Hospital, the hospitalist will have access to your office-based electronic records, and can help promote coordination of care across a spectrum of specialties.

When will I see my primary care physician?

Your primary care physician will continue to see you each weekday you are in the hospital. On the weekend, the on-call physician will visit to check your progress. You will be encouraged to make a follow-up appointment with your provider after discharge.

What are the benefits of having a hospitalist care for me in the hospital?

At Pinckneyville Community Hospital, our hospitalist and physicians work as team to provide care to patients in our hospital. This means that they are more readily available to respond to hospitalized patients' needs. Hospitalized patients often have conditions, symptoms or situations that are unpredictable. Our hospitalist is available to make decisions throughout the course of a patient's hospital stay. The hospitalist can respond immediately if a medical emergency or a change in a patient's condition arises. The hospitalist can also discuss care with specialist and create a coordinated care plan for patients, review and follow-up on tests results, assess a patient's response to treatment and make care adjustments whenever necessary to help facilitate a speedy recovery. Because 100% of their time is dedicated to patient care within the hospital, our hospitalist also have an in depth knowledge of our hospitals including the key departments, available technology and internal and external specialists and resources that they can incorporate in order to provide well-orchestrated special care to all hospitalized patients.

By providing efficient and immediate care, patients can often see a reduced length of stay in our hospitals, which in turn improves patient satisfaction and quality of care. Overall, hospitalist programs can provide patients with better and faster care, less unnecessary tests, less discomfort and a better overall hospital experience.

Will I receive a separate bill for hospitalist services?

No. The hospitalist is an employee of Pinckneyville Community Hospital, and any charges will be indicated on the hospital claim.

What should I do after I am discharged?

After discharge, our Transitional Care Nurse will be contacting you by phone to review your medications, make sure you have an appointment with your primary care physician and to assess how you are managing your healthcare. The Transitional Care Nurse can also assist you in making and keeping your follow-up appointments.