Senior Life Solutions Celebrates 10 Years

November 11, 2021

October of 2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of Pinckneyville Community Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions Program.  The Senior Life Solutions Program began in 2011 and has since treated many patients over the years struggling with the behavioral health challenges of aging.


Pinckneyville Community Hospital recognized the gap in treatment for behavioral health services specifically for the underserved senior population and partnered with UltraGroup Healthcare to bring these much-needed services to the community.


“The Senior Life Solutions Program offers individualized care in a warm, supportive environment and assists our elderly patients who are experiencing behavioral problems related to the normal aging process”, said Randall Dauby, Hospital CEO. The program is unique for this region and serves the communities in Perry and surrounding counties.


“Our hope is that our aging family members will enjoy the golden years, but as individuals age, they experience the loss of loved ones and the stresses that go with losing physical and mental abilities which can lead to sadness and withdrawal”, said Deborah Kellerman, BSN, Program Director. “Most depression and other emotional illnesses in older citizens are treatable, especially if dealt with early”, Kellerman added.


In addition to improving a senior’s outlook on life, this type of therapy service also helps individuals to better care for themselves and follows their primary care physician’s directions toward overall better health.


“This program is another example of how Pinckneyville Community Hospital continues to invest in services that will meet the growing needs of the communities we serve”, said Mr. Dauby, CEO.


The program is led by the Program Director, Deborah Kellerman, BSN, and the Medical Director, Ronald Johnson, MD, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist. Further information about the Senior Life Solutions Program at Pinckneyville Community Hospital may be received by calling 618-357-8811, visiting our website at or asking your Primary Care Physician.