Pinckneyville Community Hospital Construction Update

December 23, 2021

As we navigate the Holiday Season, construction continues at Pinckneyville Community Hospital. Phase 1 of the Emergency Department is complete and open to the public! Phase 2 of the Emergency Department has begun. The new Clinic building now has exterior finishes, adding a pop of color to the large addition. The new Patient Wing has a roof, and Physical and Occupational Therapy (PT/OT) has been completed and is waiting on IDPH approval!  


ED Phase 2 is well underway, with demolition already complete, wall framing is beginning right on the heels of the electricians, who are deeply involved with re-wiring many critical power items. This complex task involves more than just extensive electrical knowledge, but also a high level of communication with the hospital to ensure everything goes smoothly. Everyone has done an excellent job so far!


Looking up from the street, the Clinic addition is beginning to blend in with the main hospital. The main entrance to the new building is where the last of the exterior finishes will be done. Windows are being installed now, so that soon the Clinic building will blend in completely with the rest of the hospital! As the roof finishes up, the inside of the building is looks quite different as drywall begins in the areas that are dry. Soon, with the roof on and windows installed, the building can be heated and drywall mudding can begin.


The Patient Wing’s roof completion was huge. It released many trades to begin their work. From electricians pulling wire, and insulators wrapping pipe and duct, to wall finishes, the work in that addition is nearing completion. Ceiling grid, wall finishes, and cabinets are being completed as you read this. Ceiling finishes will follow right behind them, culminating in the start of flooring.


The PT/OT renovation taking place in the patient care hallway of the existing hospital was completed in less than 2 months! The completion of this area has allowed demolition to begin in the final phase of the hospital: Respiratory Therapy. This area of the hospital actually connects with the new clinic building, so work can be performed without major disruption to flow inside the hospital. Eventually, some temporary walls will be built to accommodate some minor demotion and reconstruction, but these walls will be short-lived.


With so many things going on is so many areas, it is easy for something to get missed. However, with the Construction Team, Design Team, Trades, and Hospital Administration all in sync everything is falling into place quite nicely! As this project more than halfway through its life-cycle, the time-lapse progress that can be viewed on EarthCam from anywhere via this link is significant and cool to see from 30 feet in the air.


Pinckneyville Hospital Expansion