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Pinckneyville Community Hospital receives Recognition for Outstanding Patient Satisfaction

December 06, 2022

Pinckneyville Community Hospital receives Recognition

for Outstanding Patient Satisfaction


12/6/2022 – PINCKNEYVILLE, IL – At the Annual Custom Learning System’s (CLS) Summit, the Pinckneyville Community Hospital (PCH) received several awards of recognition for outstanding Patient Satisfaction. 


Randall Dauby, CEO, Pinckneyville Community Hospital stated, “It was so exciting to be present at the CLS Conference and see “in person” the wonderful success of PCH, which was demonstrated in front of thousands of participants from hospitals all over the country.  These awards are a direct reflection of our great employees.  Their continued pursuit of excellent patient experience is the reason for these great awards.”  Casey McDonnough, Implementation Specialist, at the Pinckneyville Community Hospital added, “Each of our employees have the ability and the fortitude to continue providing what our patients deserve—compassionate care delivered with empathy.  Our hospital’s success is a direct reflection of our great employees and why PCH was recognized as a Four-Star Hospital.


In addition to its Four-Star rating, PCH was recognized with the following awards:



Two Emerald Awards for Communication about Medicines and Discharge Information to our patients by being higher than the National Top Box (Percentage) score.

Three Ruby Awards for Patient Communications with Nurses, Patient Communication with our Doctors/Providers and Hospital Environment-Quietness by being Five percent higher than the National Top Box (Percentage) score.

Two Diamond Awards for Responsiveness of Hospital Staff to Patients Needs and for Clean Hospital Environment by being 10% higher than the National Top Box (Percentage) score.


Family Medical Center

Three Emerald Awards for Getting Timely Appts, Care & Info, Helpful, Courteous & Respectful Office Staff and Patient Rating of the Providers by being higher than the National Top Box (Percentage) score.


 In addition to recognizing the Hospital at the CLS Summit, Gloria Przygoda was awarded the Service Excellence Advisor (SEA) Super Coach Summit Award which is the highest individual award of excellence presented at the CLS Summit. It is awarded to qualified, innovative, and progressive individuals who have made outstanding progress towards improving the patient experience and staff engagement.  Dauby stated, “Gloria is an amazing individual who goes well above the expected leading the Hospital and Staff in providing our patients with the best patient experience.  We are so proud of her.”