Pinckneyville Community Hospital Makes Positive Impact on Patient Experience

February 21, 2023


Pinckneyville Community Hospital, through Press Ganey, conducts surveys of patients who have been admitted to the hospital to allow the patient to rate their experience and voice any compliments or suggestions. This feedback is essential for improving the services we provide and increasing patient satisfaction. Pinckneyville Community Hospital is dedicated to a standard of excellence that is influenced by the voice of our patients. The results drive change and are turned into real-world improvements to meet the needs of the communities we serve.


The most recent survey indicates that Pinckneyville Community Hospital’s efforts have had a positive impact on patient experience. The patient survey measures satisfaction in 26 areas of satisfaction. Three of those areas achieved scores of 100% satisfaction including: call button help as soon as you wanted it, nurses explaining what new medicines are for, and Doctors treating you with courtesy and respect. All 26 areas scored above the Illinois State average. But the work doesn’t stop here. We continue to strive to improve on the patient experience and maintain those 100% scores.


Patient surveys provide the feedback we need to develop action plans, make decisions, and drive changes to ensure our patients and our community receives the best possible medical care.