Patient Statement Update

November 10, 2023




Since the patient statement mailing in early October, our staff have finished returning calls to patients who had questions and left voice mail messages. If you contacted the hospital or clinic about a statement question and did not receive a call back, please call again. We want to thank everyone for their patience as our staff answered a lot of questions when over 2,500 statements were mailed in early October. Each question they handled typically took 20 to 30 minutes to properly explain the new statement format and answer your questions. As previously shared, due to conversion to a new computer system earlier this year, there was a delay in patient statements being mailed which is why such a large volume of statements was mailed in early October.


If you were waiting for a return call about those initial statements and did not make your payment until November 7th or later, you will be receiving a new statement within the next couple of weeks which will not reflect your recent payment. That is because statements are on a monthly mailing cycle. On November 7th, statements were generated for mailing for any prior balances remaining unpaid from the October 5th statement run, which will also include any new balances now due from those same patients. In this latest statement run, there were almost 2,000 statements mailed. Therefore, we do anticipate high call volume again between now and the end of the month and we ask for your continued patience and understanding as we return calls as quickly as possible.


We would like to remind Hospital patients that balances due on hospital services will now be communicated on a single statement instead of separate statements for each date of service. On new balances you owe, the second page of the statement will provide information about the date and type of service. If you see the notation of “Self-Pay Balances” under the Charges section, those are balances for services rendered before May 1st that have now been paid by your insurance carrier(s). The date of those charges on your statement will not reflect the date of service. The date of “Self-Pay Balances” will reflect the date in which that balance was identified as being the patient portion. For an explanation of those charges, please contact the phone number on your statement.


Staff are available Monday through Friday between 8a and 4p to contact for questions since we want our patients to be fully informed as to the balances appearing on their statements. Thank you for choosing us for your healthcare needs.