Employees at PCH Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

December 29, 2023

 Pinckneyville Community Hospital (PCH) is proud to announce that it and several of its exceptional employees were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference, held in November 2023. The conference, dedicated to assisting hospitals and healthcare facilities in improving the overall patient and employee experience, provided a platform to honor exemplary contributions within the healthcare industry.

Awards were presented in two distinct categories: the Pinnacle Achievers and the Summit Awards. The Pinnacle Achievers category is open to both individuals and teams and requires a nomination. These awards aim to acknowledge outstanding achievements in healthcare customer service, specifically for making remarkable contributions in the following areas:

  1. Enhancing the quality of service provided to patients and customers.
  2. Improving the professional work-life experience for healthcare professionals.
  3. Elevating the overall performance of individuals and organizations.

All Pinnacle Achievers are eligible to receive the esteemed Summit Awards, which are announced during the conference. Out of a total of 263 nominations received from 25 different healthcare organizations across 11 states, 107 finalists were selected as Pinnacle Achievers. We are proud to announce the Pinnacle Achiever recipients from PCH, who are as follows:



  • Ethan DuClos, Service Excellence Advisor 1st Year 
  • Casey McDonnough, Exceptional Implementation Coordinator
  • Randall Dauby, Inspiring CEO/President 


  • “Star Players Team” - Kelsey Priebe and Ethan DuClos
  • “Circle of Excellence Team” - Brandy Steely, Laura Whitley, Maria Reyes, Marie Perkey, Connie Bush, Norma Gordon and Lisa Hepburn 
  • “Swing Bed Improvement Team” - Brandy Steely, Blake Thornton, Randy Dauby, Brad Futrell, Sherrie Morse, Eva Hopp, Michelle Headley, Barb Brand, J. Gregg Fozard, M.D., Henry Clark, and Crystal Shubert

Of the 107 Pinnacle Achievers, 31 were presented with the Summit Award.  The Summit Award is the highest award of excellence presented at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. It is awarded to qualified, innovative, and progressive individuals, teams, and healthcare facilities who have made outstanding progress towards improving patient experience and staff engagement.  We are thrilled to announce that Pinckneyville Community Hospital proudly celebrates two exceptional employees who have been named the esteemed 2023 Summit Award recipients.


  • Ethan DuClos, an exceptional Physical Therapist at the PCH Wellness center, was awarded the Summit Award for his role as the first-year Service Excellence Advisor. He led engaging employee workshops, promoting compassionate care and employee wellness. Additionally, he played a key role in creating a fun video to foster camaraderie across hospital departments. Ethan's dedication and leadership make him a valuable asset to PCH.
  • Casey McDonnough, an Exceptional Implementation Coordinator, was honored with a Summit Award for her outstanding contribution. As an incredible Physical Therapist Assistant, Casey goes above and beyond to provide exceptional care to her patients. She excels in her role and takes the lead in driving the Service Excellence Initiative in the hospital. Casey organizes projects, plans events like the PCH "Day of Caring," and promotes employee engagement for enhanced patient care. Her dedication and efforts contribute significantly to the success and improvement of the hospital as a whole.

These above individuals and teams worked hard to create and implement processes that would increase patient and employee satisfaction. Randall Dauby, CEO of Pinckneyville Community Hospital, states, “I am proud of our team members for their accomplishments and deserving recognition. When employees feel engaged and valued, they are able to fully dedicate themselves to our patients. I am excited to witness the potential of PCH and the achievements we will accomplish in 2024!”