Fitness Center

Always Open - 24/7
Always Open - 24/7

The Fitness Center is always open - 24/7.


At the Wellness Center (618-357-5935) at Pinckneyville Community Hospital, we believe in keeping you motivated on your journey to complete overall wellness. Keeping your health and fitness in check is an important key to your overall wellness.


Whether you want to lose weight, train for a race, tone your muscles, regain strength, increase flexibility, or maintain - we have something for you!

We offer group exercise classes and training to help keep you motivated on your journey to wellness. Some of these classes are included in your membership, while others have a minimal fee.

Competitive Rates




Member (14-64)

Annual: $360.00

Semi-Annual: $210.00

Monthly: $40.00


Annual: $630.00

Semi-Annual: $370.00

Monthly: $70.00


Annual: $810.00

Semi-Annual: $475.00

Monthly: $90.00

Senior (65+)

Annual: $240.00

Semi-Annual: $130.00

Monthly: $25.00


*Family includes four members of a family living in the same household. Additional household members are an extra $10.00/person.

Membership includes access to cardio machines, weights and strength training equipment, group chair classes, and select group fitness classes.

Personal Training Sessions are available to members, for an additional fee:

  • 1 Session: $20.00
  • 8 Sessions: $140.00


Day Passes


Day Passes are available at $5.00 for non-members and guests to use the fitness center.


Online Registration & Payments


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Personal Training


We understand that fitness is not a one-size-fits-all approach.  We can design a personal fitness plan catered to your goals.  Our personal trainers can become your teacher, your motivator, your coach, and your friend. All personal trainers are certified by an accredited fitness organization.

Personal training is available to members of the Wellness Center at Pinckneyville Community Hospital for only $20/session or $140/8 sessions!


Machines, Weights, & Accessories


Air Dyne Bikes, Core Balls, Elliptical Machines, Fixed Weight Machines, Free Weights & Hand Held Accessories, Kettle Bells, Recumbent Bikes, Lateral Trainer, Resistance Bands, T-Rex Trainer, Rowing Machines, Total Gym, Treadmills, Upright Bikes, Weighted Balls


Group Classes



10:00 am: Chair Class

11:30 am: Aquatic Class

2:00 pm: Chair Class

6:00 pm: Aquatic Class



11:30: Aquatic Class

5:00 pm: Aquatic Class



10:00 am: Chair Class

11:30 am: Aquatic Class

2:00 pm: Chair Class

6:00 pm: Aquatic Class


11:30 am: Aquatic Class

5:00 pm: Aquatic Class



10:00 am: 20/20/20

11:30 am: Aquatic Class

2:00 pm: Chair Class

6:00 pm: Aquatic Class



12:00 pm: Aquatic Class


Specialty Fitness Classes


A number of specialty fitness classes will be available with instruction from a certified trainer.

Chair Class

Join our lively conversation while we work on functional strength for all ages. Class included in Membership.


Water Aerobics

Take the plunge with this low-impact workout that increases muscle strength and endurance all at once. Intensity is self-controlled. Great for people with chronic pain, joint problems, and seniors.

  • Members: $3.00
  • Non-Members: $5.00


Class Scheduling


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