Pinckneyville Community Hospital to Break Ground on Wellness Center

May 24, 2021

Pinckneyville Community Hospital is ecstatic to announce that the new expansion project is set to break ground during a ceremony on Thursday, May 27, at 10:00 a.m.


New construction will include a 19,222 square feet Family Medical Center (FMC), which will include 33 exam rooms, 3 small procedure rooms, enlarged nurse stations, offices and a new lobby. The center will also provide multipurpose space for community education and behavioral health programs. Additionally, a new patient wing will add four additional acute care patient rooms, increasing the hospital’s total bed count to 20. 


Renovations will include the expansion of the hospital’s existing rehabilitative (rehab) care department and emergency department. The existing rehab therapy, on the acute care floor, will receive an additional 334 square feet of space for specialty rehabilitation services while the emergency department renovation will increase the number of emergency exam rooms from three to six, while maintaining the current trauma and triage rooms.

PCH is working with the Lawrence Group architectural firm, Horner & Shiffrin engineering firm and the construction management firm, Murray Company, on this expansion and renovation project.  An expansion of the Hospital’s parking area is currently under construction.  The building construction is scheduled to start on or around June 16th (weather permitting).  All hospital departments will remain open during construction; but like many major projects, there will be changes to parking areas and the entrances off Highway 154 as well as to the hospital’s Main and Emergency Departments.


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