Patient Statement Questions
Patient Statement Questions

Swing Bed


The Swing Bed (Transitional Care) Program at Pinckneyville Community Hospital is a program that allows patients to transition from acute medical care to home. This means when the patient’s condition no longer requires hospitalization, but he or she still needs rehabilitation or skilled nursing, the patient can stay at Pinckneyville Community Hospital.


Swing Bed allows patients return to Pinckneyville more quickly, while still receiving the appropriate level of care until they return to their home.


Swing Bed patients receive 24-hour care from our skilled nurses, physicians and therapists in a comfortable and familiar setting.  The familiarity allows for a seamless transition from acute to follow-up care. In addition, if needed, diagnostic services are readily accessible.


Personalized Care Plan

Our compassionate nurses, therapists, and support personnel work with you to determine the best treatment plan for each patient.  Treatment plans are developed with the patient’s specific needs in mind.  The same quality staff that cares for you in Acute Care are the same staff members providing support, care, and patient/family education during Swing Bed care.


Physical and Occupational therapists will work to restore independence, and provide education and training to accomplish tasks to avoid pain and fatigue. The therapists will also assess the patient’s need for assistance devices.


Respiratory therapists teach breathing techniques and exercises to promote optimal breathing.


Speech therapists assist patients with interpreting and remembering written and spoken statements; help with expressing thoughts through speaking, writing and facial expressions; and promote safe swallowing.


In addition to assisting with any insurance questions, our Social Services staff will also help with discharge planning, personal resources and financial needs.

Who Would Benefit from Swing Bed?

The Swing Bed Program at Pinckneyville Community Hospital ideal for those needing:

· Wound Care

· Recovery from major surgery, joint replacement, or vascular or abdominal operation

· Rehabilitation after a stroke

· Rehabilitation for post-cardiac bypass

· IV medication therapy

· IV nutritional therapy

· Strength training after a lingering illness, or prolonged hospitalization

· Repeated hospitalization

· Daily physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy


Who Qualifies for Swing Bed?

The patient must have had at least a three-day stay as an acute care patient within the last 30 days before transitioning to into Swing Bed. The patient must also need ongoing monitoring and require rehabilitative therapy.


There are no age restrictions to the program.  Swing Bed is often covered by Medicare, as well as many private insurance plans.  Individuals will want to look for ‘swing bed’ coverage in their plans to see if they qualify.  Pinckneyville Community Hospital Case Managers can assist with questions about insurance coverage.


How Long is Swing Bed?

Patients may remain in the program for as long as they have skilled therapeutic goals to achieve. When a patient has met their goals, they will be discharged to home or to another setting.